The MOLEC 2022 welcomed 125 participants from 16 different countries. 47 talks and 52 posters have been presented during the week

This chart displays the number of external participants.

MOLEC prizes winners

The MOLEC Senior Prize has been awarded to Professor F. Javier Aoiz from Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain) for his seminal contributions to the theoretical description of elementary chemical reactions.

The Zdenek Herman MOLEC Young Scientist price has been awarded to Dr. Sebastian Trippel from DESY (Hamburg, Germany) for his work on the electric-field control of molecular clusters and the imaging of their chemical dynamics.

Congratulations to both awardees!

Awardees Sebastian Trippel (left) and F. Javier Aoiz (right).

Photo: DESY, Matthias Kreuzeder