Poster list


1 UV-induced photofragmentation of CF3C(O)Cl studied via VMI technique and ab initio simulations

Presenter: Ivo S. Vinklárek

Authors and Co-Authors: Ivo S. Vinklárek, Jozef Rakovský, Jiří Janoš, Deb Pratim Mukhopadhyay, Petr Slavíček, Michal Fárník


2 Arbitrary image reinflation: A deep learning technique for recovering 3D photoproduct distributions from a single 2D projection

Presenter: Chris Sparling

Authors and Co-Authors: Chris Sparling Dave Townsend, Alice Ruget, Jonathan Leach


3 C-C bond formation reactions promoted by counterion components

Presenter: Fedor Naumkin

Authors and Co-Authors: Fedor Naumkin, Massimo Giammarco, Stephen Kerr


4 Studying rotational-state and conformational effects in chemi-ionisation reactions

Presenter: Amit Mishra

Authors and Co-Authors: Amit Mishra, Ludger Ploenes, Patrik Straňák, Sang Kim, Stefan Willitsch


5 Imaging the Photoelectron Circular Dichroism in the Photodetachment of Deprotonated 1-Indanol Anion

Presenter: Mallory Green

Authors and Co-Authors: André Fielicke, Gerard Meijer, Jenny Triptow, Mallory Green


6 Capturing ultrafast synergistic spin transition in a multifunctional hybrid spin crossover system by ultrafast optical spectroscopy and electron diffraction

Presenter: Yifeng Jiang

Authors and Co-Authors: Antoine Sarracini, Atsuhiro Miyawaki, Henrike Müller-Werkmeister, Jordan Wentzell, Kazuyuki Takahashi, Lai Chung  Liu, Masaki Hada, R. J. Dwayne  Miller, Shin-ya  Koshihara, Shinnosuke Nakano, Simon Bittmann, Stuart Hayes, Tadahiko Ishikawa, Yifeng Jiang


7 Simulating and Screening Photophysics of Transition-Metal Complexes

Presenter: Jan Patrick Zobel

Authors and Co-Authors: Jan Patrick Zobel Nora Kovacs, Leticia Gonzalez


8 Charge transfer reactions of neutral polar molecules and noble gas ions

Presenter: Jake Diprose

Authors and Co-Authors: Jake Diprose Andriana Tsikritea, Brianna Heazlewood


9 Vibrational excitation of CO$_2$ by slow electrons: Multidimensional nonlocal calculations of the vibronic dynamics

Presenter: Jan Dvořák

Authors and Co-Authors: Jan Dvořák, Karel Houfek, Martin Čížek


10 Dynamics of UV-excited neutral molecules studied with 5 fs resolution and electron–ion covariance spectrometry

Presenter: Erik Månsson (Maansson)

Authors and Co-Authors: Erik Månsson (Maansson), Lorenzo Colaizzi, Sergei Riabchuk, Krishna Saraswathula, Vincent Wanie, Andrea Trabattoni, Jesus Gonzalez-Vazquez, Fernando Martín, Francesca Calegari


11 Carbonic acid is more stable and a potent protonation agent in non-aqueous media

Presenter: Valeriia Baranauskaite

Authors and Co-Authors: Valeriia Baranauskaite, Daniel Aminov, Dina Pines, Snehasis  Daschakraborty, M. Kiefer Philip , T. Hynes James , Ehud Pines


12 Photodetachment and decarboxylation dynamics of the Fluorescein dianion

Presenter: Jemma Gibbard

Authors and Co-Authors: Jan Verlet, Jemma Gibbard


13 Crossed-beams and theoretical studies of the O(3P) + acrylonitrile reaction dynamics

Presenter: Giacomo Pannacci

Authors and Co-Authors: Giacomo Pannacci Luca Mancini, Pengxiao Liang, Gianmarco Vanuzzo, Demian Marchione, Pedro Recio, Marzio Rosi, Dimitrios Skouteris, Piergiorgio Casavecchia, Nadia Balucani



14 High spectro-temporal resolution soft X-ray spectroscopy in gas phase media

Presenter: Daniel E. Rivas

Authors and Co-Authors: Daniel E. Rivas, Awan Alangattuthodi, Thomas M. Baumann, Rebecca Boll, Simon Dold, Alberto de Fanis, Jesus Gonzalez Vazquez, Markus Ilchen, Tommaso Mazza, Terry Mullins, Solène Oberli, Antonio Picón, Bjoern Senfftleben, Svitozar Serkez, Sergey Usenko, Mic


15 Comparative study of C60 impact interactions with low mass targets – experimentally motivated molecular dynamics calculations

Presenter: Victor Bernstein

Authors and Co-Authors: Victor Bernstein, Eli Kolodney


16 Theoretical description of time- and angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy probing excited-state dynamics in molecular systems at FELs

Presenter: Marvin Reuner

Authors and Co-Authors: Marvin Reuner, Daria Gorelova


17 Effects of deuteration on the reaction dynamics of F$^{-}$ with CH$_3$I.

Presenter: Atilay Ayasli

Authors and Co-Authors: Atilay Ayasli Thomas Gstir, Arnab Khan, Tim Michaelsen, Dóra Papp, Gábor Czakó, Roland Wester


18 Control of electron wave packets close to the continuum threshold using near-single-cycle THz waveforms

Presenter: Simon Brennecke

Authors and Co-Authors: Simon Brennecke, Martin Ranke, Anastasios Dimitriou, Sophie Walther, Mark J. Prandolini, Manfred Lein, Ulrike Frühling


19 Harvesting electronic coherences in disordered room temperature CdSe quantum dot dimeric assemblies

Presenter: James Hamilton

Authors and Co-Authors: Amarotti Edoardo, James Hamilton, Carlo Nazareno Dibenedetto, Elisabetta Collini, Francoise Remacle, Marinella Striccoli, Raphael David Levine


20 Electron Scattering in Water Clusters

Presenter: Katinka  Horn

Authors and Co-Authors: Katinka  Horn, Svetlana Tsizin, Petra Hoffmann, Loren Ban, Egor Chasovskikh, Bruce L. Yoder, Ruth Signorell


21 Effect Assessment of HBD-2 and HD-5 on SARS-CoV-2 Membrane model, A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

Presenter: delara Mohammad-Aghaie

Authors and Co-Authors: delara Mohammad-Aghaie Mohammad Ali Dashti, Omid Bavi


22 Efficient simulation of X-ray scattering signals

Presenter: Andres Moreno Carrascosa

Authors and Co-Authors: Andres Moreno Carrascosa Mats Simmermacher, Jeremy Coe, Martin Paterson, Adam Kirrander


23 Near-Ambient Pressure Velocity Map Imaging

Presenter: Dan J. Harding

Authors and Co-Authors: Tzu-En Chien, Lea Hohmann, Dan J. Harding


24 Tunable isolated attosecond pulse generation by sub-cycle synthesized waveforms

Presenter: Giulio Maria Rossi

Authors and Co-Authors: Giulio Maria Rossi, Roland E. Mainz, Fabian Scheiba, Miguel Angel Silva Toledo, Maximilian Kubullek, Franz Kaertner


25 Probing ultrafast structural dynamics through covariance imaging of laser-induced Coulomb explosions

Presenter: Chow-shing Lam

Authors and Co-Authors: Chow-shing Lam, Joseph McManus, Elena Castellani, Mark Brouard


26 Temperature dependent reactions of atomic hydrogen with the astrochemically relevant anions CN$^-$ and C$_3$N$^-$

Presenter: Christine Maria Lochmann

Authors and Co-Authors: Christine Maria Lochmann Sruthi Purushu-Melath, Robert Wild, Markus Nötzold, Roland Wester



27 The molecular depiction of acidic components and carbon dioxide in the biphasic hydrophilic/hydrophobic system

Presenter: Ali Mirzaalian

Authors and Co-Authors: Ali Mirzaalian Riyaz Kharrat, Vahid J.Niasar, Holger Ott


28 Laser-induced alignment of nanoparticles and macromolecules: modeling and realization

Presenter: Xuemei Cheng

Authors and Co-Authors: Xuemei Cheng, Muhamed Amin, Lukas Vincent Haas, Amit Samanta, Jochen Küpper


29 Time-Resolved Measurement of Interparticle Coulombic Decay Processes

Presenter: Elke Fasshauer

Authors and Co-Authors: Elke Fasshauer


30 On the formation of C2H4O isomers on dust surfaces in the ISM

Presenter: Reetu Reetu

Authors and Co-Authors: Reetu Reetu, Anthony J. H. M. Meijer


31 Disentangling sequential and concerted fragmentations of molecular polycations with covariant native frame analysis

Presenter: Joe McManus

Authors and Co-Authors: Joe McManus, Tiffany Walmsely Kiyonobu Nagaya, James Harries, Yoshiaki Kumagai, Felix Allum, Ruaridh Forbes, Mark Brouard, Michael Burt


32 High energy metal atoms as a probe of gas-liquid surface structure

Presenter: Paul Lane

Authors and Co-Authors: Paul Lane Simon Purcell, Naomi Elstone, Duncan Bruce, John Slattery, Matthew Costen, Kenneth McKendrick


33 Collisional excitation and dissociation of CO molecule by proton impact: application to astrophyics and astrochemistry

Presenter: Masato Nakamura

Authors and Co-Authors: Masato Nakamura


34 Formation of OH$^–$ in reaction of O$^–$ with CH$_4$ studied with 22-pole RF ion trap at low temperatures

Presenter: Radek Plasil

Authors and Co-Authors: Radek Plasil, Serhiy  Rednyk, Erik Vanko, Liliia Uvarova, Stepan Roucka, Petr Dohnal, Juraj Glosik


35 Vibronic branching in VUV photodissociation of N2 molecules probed by backward quantum dynamics

Presenter: Natalia Gelfand

Authors and Co-Authors: Natalia Gelfand, Ksenia Komarova, Francoise Remacle, Raphael D. Levine


36 Probing molecular absorptions using cryogenic gas-phase action spectroscopy of helium-tagged ions

Presenter: Alexander Schaefer

Authors and Co-Authors: Alexander Schaefer Manfred M. Kappes, Dmitry Strelnikov


37 Alternative approach to construction of nonlocal resonance models

Presenter: Václav Alt

Authors and Co-Authors: Václav Alt, Karel Houfek, Martin Čížek


38 The molecular depiction of acidic components and carbon dioxide in the biphasic hydrophilic/hydrophobic system

Presenter: Ali Mirzaalian Dastjerdi

Authors and Co-Authors: Ali Mirzaalian Dastjerdi Riyaz KHARRAT, Vahid J.NIASAR, Holger Ott


39 Inelastic collision dynamics of oriented NO(X) molecules

Presenter: Joshua Featherstone, Max McCrea

Authors and Co-Authors: Joshua Featherstone, Max McCrea, Daniel Bein, Cornelia Heid, Mark Brouard



40 State-selective recombination of H3+ ions at low temperature: kinetic modeling and experimental study on plasma de-excitation

Presenter: SHOGO SAITO

Authors and Co-Authors: Juraj Glosik, Liliia Uvarova, Petr Dohnal, Radek Plasil, SHOGO SAITO, Stepan Roucka


41 Ultrafast dynamics of the norbornadiene photoisomerization to quadricyclane induced by ultrashort deep-UV and IR pulses

Presenter: Pietro De Checchi

Authors and Co-Authors: Pietro De Checchi, Francoise Remacle Alessio Valentini


42 Predicting the x-ray diffraction images of ultrafast gas phase molecular dynamics

Presenter: Nidin Vadassery

Authors and Co-Authors: Nidin Vadassery Sebastian Trippel, Jochen Küpper


43 Probing Structural Dynamics of Molecules and Clusters Using Intense X-ray Pulses: The Case of Indole-water

Presenter: Dimitrios Koulentianos

Authors and Co-Authors: Dimitrios Koulentianos, Sebastian Trippel, Jochen Küpper


44 An ultracompact vacuum-ultraviolet source for the investigation of time-resolved molecular dynamics

Presenter: Marc Seitz

Authors and Co-Authors: Marc Seitz Federico Belli, Laura Silletti, Vincent Wanie, Francesca Calegari, Andrea Trabattoni


45 Probing nanoscale surface charge redistribution on laser-ionized dielectric nanoparticles

Presenter: Ritika Dagar

Authors and Co-Authors: Ritika Dagar, Wenbin Zhang, Philipp Rosenberger, Marcel Neuhaus, Ana Sousa-Castillo, Emiliano Cortés, Stefan A. Maier, Boris Bergues, Matthias F. Kling


46 A beamline for studying ultrafast UV-induced molecular dynamics

Presenter: Sergei Riabchuk

Authors and Co-Authors: Sergei Riabchuk Lorenzo Colaizzi, Nora Schmitt, Josina Hahne, Pasquale Barbato, Erik Maansson, Ammar Bin Wahid, Rebeca Martínez Vázquez, Vincent Wanie, Andrea Trabattoni, Marek Wieland, Roberto Osellame, Markus Drescher, Francesca Calegari


47 UV and mid-IR photo-induced dissociation dynamics of solvated (bio)molecular complexes

Presenter: Mukhtar Singh

Authors and Co-Authors: Hubertus Bromberger, Matthew Robinson, Mukhtar Singh, Jochen Küpper, Jolijn Onvlee, Sebastian Trippel


48 Recent advances in the first principle simulation of attosecond XUV pump - XUV probe ionization spectra

Presenter: Alicia Palacios

Authors and Co-Authors: Gilbert Grell, Jesús González-Vázquez, Piero Decleva, Alicia Palacios, Fernando Martín


49 Cold and controlled beams of nanoparticles and bio-macromolecules

Presenter: Jingxuan He

Authors and Co-Authors: Jingxuan He, Lena Worbs, Surya Kiran Peravali, Armando Estillore, Amit Kumar Samanta, Jochen Küpper


50 Time-resolved Photodynamics of Nitrobenzene and Methylated Derivatives in Solution

Presenter: Malcolm Garrow

Authors and Co-Authors: Malcolm Garrow Paul D. Lane, Kate Robertson, Dave Townsend, Stuart J. Greaves, Stuart W. Crane


51 Aqueous Nanoscale Systems

Presenter: Sylvie Roke

Authors and Co-Authors: Sylvie Roke


52 A high brightness, 100-kHz ultrafast electron diffraction setup for sub-100 fs structural dynamics

Presenter: Fernando Rodrıguez Dıaz

Authors and Co-Authors: Fernando Rodrıguez Dıaz, Kasra Amini Mark Mero, Marc Vrakking